Commercial Work

Nora García Martínez | ♀ | 26

Hi! I am a digital artist specialized in illustration and visual development.Born in the verdant landscapes of Asturias (Spain), I have great interest for animals and nature, including fantasy worlds.I am always willing to enjoy a chill afternoon of tea, chat and doodles.Thanks a lot for your time!

English (Cambridge C1 - Advanced)
Spanish (native)
Photoshop CC (main tool)
Adobe Suite basic knowledge (Illustrator, Premiere...)
Traditional techniques
MRSS Arts Pogram (BC, Canada)
‘Expert in Illustration’ CFP (Oviedo)
‘The Art of Color and Light’ - Chris Brock (CGMA)
2D artist at VIVA Games (2019 & 2020, Seville)
Currently Freelancing (2020 - 2023)
Clients include: CometCon Asturias, Tale Studios, Bravísimos agency, Turtle and Phoenix Entertainment...
Taught a Workshop at EAO (2022, Oviedo's art school)OTHER
Attended Global Game Jam (Málaga, 2023)
Telegram: @nordeva

Welcome to my commission price list.These prices are for personal, NON-commercial use only.
If you wish to publish or sell my artwork,
an additional fee shall be discussed privately.
Please contact me via email for commercial work or job offers.
Thank you for your interest!

· Complex character design/patterns: €10 - €30
· Certain outfits such as elaborate costumes, armors...: €10 - €50
· Mecha, robots, vehicles...: €50+
Anthro characters must wear clothing.
Outfit references or style ideas are much appreciated.

Open during June
▶️ Check it out HERE ◀️

NEW KO-FI CHIBI REF€90 flat price (add-ons available)
Chibi outfit with custom pose: + €65
ALWAYS open!
▶️ Check it out HERE ◀️

Headshot doodle

Price: €80· Simple shading, white background


Price: €140·Soft shading
· Gradient background


Price: €180· Knees-up shot of the character
· Simple graphic background
· Desktop wallpaper format

Chibi/DND illustration

Base price: €320+ | Each extra "mini" character: + €80Video game concept or promotional art vibes.
Most species accepted, including human-like, orcs...
Chibi anatomy, can be combined with bigger characters for an additional cost.
Pitch me your idea and I'll give you a budget!

Pet portrait

Single middle-sized pet: €160 | Double portrait: €280Please contact me regarding smaller or bigger animal species!

Reference sheet (& chibi ref. sheet)

Make your own!Flat full body view (front/back): + €80 each
Simple shaded headshot: + €50
Chibi Flat full body view (front/back): + €65 each
Chibi Simple shaded headshot: + €40
First chibi outfit: + €65
Extra chibi outfits (using the previous one as base): + €40
Extra chibi outfits (with their own original pose): + €80
· Small details (i. e. closeups of eyes, earrings...): + €5
· Complex details (wings, mechanical accessories, etc.): + €10 to €20
Text info & color palette included


Single sticker: €35 | Double sticker: €60Min. pack of 4, Max. pack of 30
Two characters max. per pack (guests are allowed in double stickers)