Other Commercial Work

Nora García Martínez | ♀ | 27

Hi! I am a digital artist specialized in illustration and visual development.Born in the verdant landscapes of Asturias (Spain), I have great interest for animals and nature, including fantasy worlds.I am always willing to enjoy a chill afternoon of tea, chat and doodles.Thanks a lot for your time!

English (Cambridge C1 - Advanced)
Spanish (native)
Photoshop CC (main tool)
Adobe Suite basic knowledge (Illustrator, Premiere...)
Traditional techniques
MRSS Arts Pogram (BC, Canada)
‘Expert in Illustration’ CFP (Oviedo)
‘The Art of Color and Light’ - Chris Brock (CGMA)
2D artist at VIVA Games (2019 & 2020, Seville)
Currently Freelancing (2020 - 2024)
Clients include: CometCon Asturias, Tale Studios, Bravísimos agency, Turtle and Phoenix Entertainment...
Taught a Workshop at EAO (2022, Oviedo's art school)OTHER
Attended Global Game Jam (Málaga, 2023)

Welcome to my commission price list.These prices are for personal, NON-commercial use only.
If you wish to publish or sell my artwork,
an additional fee shall be discussed privately.
Thank you for your interest!

Regular commission prices are currently NOT AVAILABLE.
I am involved in freelance contract projects!
Please keep an eye out for smaller comms. (YCHs, Ko-Fi...),
via Telegram or Twitter/X.


The following 2 Commission types are only available via Ko-Fi

· Complex character design/patterns: €10 - €30
· Certain outfits such as elaborate costumes, armors...: €10 - €50
· Mecha, robots, vehicles...: €50+
Fee for characters without a reference sheet (or similar)
3D model screenshots: €10 - €40
Description and/or moodboard: €20+
Anthro characters with non-chibi anatomy must wear clothing.*
Outfit references or style ideas are much appreciated.
*There may be exceptions
Character colors might appear slightly different
to match the lighting and palette.
Extra character price: +80%
(except stated otherwise)